Linda Berlin

We love food, interior and lifestyle


Linda Berlin is a food prop stylist who has her roots from a family of 4 daughters, where food has always been a big subject.

The cold and long winters in Sweden has taught her that objects do grow wiser and more beautiful with time where they naturally change with help of the seasons and at the same time being handled with love. For her, styling is therefore about telling a story as it is to show something beautiful.

She has been working in the business for 5 years and is now based in London and Stockholm. As well as a wide range of editorial commissions for books, magazines & newspapers, Linda also do commercial work in advertising and art direction.

Her styling is very clear and always trying to communicate a certain softness and human touch, with using colours that create a balance and compositions that invite the viewer to be a part of the picture.

Clients: Orion Publishing, Octopus Publishing, Ryland Peters & Small, Dorling Kindersley, The Guardian, Wholefoods, Delicious, Waitrose, COOP, Allt om Mat, Coca Cola Light and Scandic.