Wolfgang Kleinschmidt

We love food, interior and lifestyle


Wolfgang Kleinschmidt is one of the nation's leading food photographers. With great precision and a true commitment he masters all styles within culinary photography, and many of the gorgeous food images we see in magazines, books and advertising are shot in Wolfgang's studio kitchen, situated in central Stockholm.

Besides food Wolfgang also works within interiors, still life and lately more often with film.

A passion for technology and a never- ending stream of creative solutions are two of Wolfgang's much appreciated personal qualities. Everyone who has worked with Wolfgang also knows he is very tolerant to stress and frankly we don't know what would upset his enormous patience.

Wolfgang's past includes both training as singer, violinist and RMI Berghs School of Communication, and this thoroughly creative background also signifies his photographic style and direction. His dedicated and genuine approach to color, shape and motion is the basis for all the expressions in his works, both stills and film.